Fireburner is what tinydark considers a "novella game", one which has a single core mechanic and is completable in 1-2 sessions. It began as a demonstration of how quickly a developer can implement an idea in the GAM3 engine. It was to center around a fire and collecting different types of wood, while keeping yourself fed on the wildlife. It was not going to be challenging or particularly enthralling.

Early into development, my mind wandered. I started to develop the game to be about more than some anonymous man in a wilderness. I had some 'quests' in mind that didn't fit into other games, so I decided to hunker down and worldbuild. It's a game about creation, nature, and dark entropy. The soundscape reacts to the decisions you make: hunting too much results in a quiet world. The fire roars as you stoke it to greater heights. The player may choose to spend their time exploring and risk facing their demise, or take it easy in camp and hope to eke out a victory.

As of Q4 2017, Fireburner is in passive development, with hope to release it in Summer 2018.