Black Coat Studio is, at present, just Crate and me with Eve as community support. I'm the lead developer, handling everything from the Orbium to GAM3 itself. Black Coat Studio has a few pillars for our games: our games are playable through the browser and mobile devices, they're narrative-centric with a focus on tying gameplay into the narrative, and we believe in radical transparency and forming real human relationships with our players. This will be expanded on when the studio is fully formed. For now, we quietly build technology and the games that will run on it.

Vael Victus
Lead Programmer, Designer, Writer

Founder of Black Coat Studio. The majority of all work is done by him. He enjoys gaming, wine, 'net culture, and a good story.

Adam Crate
Writer, Designer

A man who equally appreciates a great book and the glare a cat gives you when they are judging your entire life based on the quantity of food you give them. He is currently developing a game for The Orbium.

Eve Victus
Community Support

Community support and Black Coat Bear Week enthusiast. She enjoys gaming, physical fitness, Korean culture, photography, and rain.