I'm a 30-year-old web developer, game designer, and writer from Rhode Island, America.
I am very permanently employed as a web developer for a stock portfolio management company.
I am a father: my son's name is Abel and he is 8 years old. Here's a picture.
I'm married to the incomparable Eve Victus!

"Vael Victus" is not my name; it's a pseudonym designed to be more memorable than my birth name.
It also offers privacy, as I prefer to keep my physical life out of cyberspace.

My History of Gaming, Development, and Everything
I am passionate about gaming. I've been playing games and wanting to be part of game design since I was very young. My first system was an Atari 2600 which I was playing at three years old. I got the original Game Boy and became mobile. Since then, I cannot recall a time where games haven't been a large portion of how I spend my free time. Throughout my youth, I would carry around notebooks designing games and characters for them.

I've always had a fascination with what's behind the screens we use in our daily lives. My first computer was a birthday gift from my uncle who built it with spare parts. Its highest resolution was 640x480. I don't recall it even having 32-bit colors, but it was my gateway into browser-based gaming. What started with Alien Adoption Agency moved onto Lunatix Online and to Hobowars, where a single forum post from a developer of the game showed me how much I might enjoy programming.

When it came time to graduate from middle school, knowing I wanted to "do something with computers", I was accepted into a vocational high school. Unfortunately the curriculum was less focused on programming and more focused on hardware, design, and office software. In my senior year, I started to teach myself PHP, already having a good foundation in HTML/CSS.

After graduation, I mucked about doing every little thing: fixing computers, coding MonBre, working in a coffee shop and as a landscaper with my dad. Reality hit with MonBre's failing numbers: the game wasn't good enough, I wasn't good enough, and my progress in life was less than ideal. Naivete had me spending $100/month on a server that MonBre didn't need. I cancelled it, brought MonBre to a smaller server, went to college, wasted a good amount of time, and in the process of it all, became an employable web developer. During this time I made an unreleased game called MurCity, which I finally put to rest in Summer 2012.

In November of 2010, I got my first job as a web developer, working for a security company. I learned a lot in my first few months there and really started to appreciate programming. A year later I moved in with Eve and my adopted son. Eventually the pay wasn't enough to continue living comfortably with my family, and I moved over to my current company. I spent four years developing GAM3 as a foundation for tinydark to build all our games off of. In August 2014, I made Daiele available for public playtesting. This is how it went. In August 2016, I declared GAM3 as 'complete'. I would go on to build a failed prototype for a game and give the engine a little more dev time.

In April 2017, I married Eve! In September 2017, I reformed Black Coat Studio as tinydark, with the goal of becoming self-sufficient off my work. The rest of my history is being written.