Update Nov 2017: Page is in need of updating. Last revision circa 2015.

GAM3 is a browser-based game engine developed by tinydark. Initially inspired by Failbetter Games's StoryNexus platform, GAM3 was created to produce a wide range of games that focus on atmosphere, story and the ability to change the game world through decision-making.

One of the most complex pages in the engine: an event.

Editing a qual. (status tracker)

Editing an item.
No Programming Required
A developer does not have to be a programmer in order to make a game. The engine is intended for smaller teams. We work with each author to ensure their game is unique and visually distinguishable from other GAM3 games.

As an engine, GAM3 is invite-only and presently only published on the Orbium platform. Because each game could require significant changes in layout and information displayed, it's only feasible to service aspiring developers that are serious and skilled enough to complete a game. If you're interested in an invitation to use the engine, mail us at support@theorbium.com with a description of what you'd like to make.

From the player's perspective: playing an event.

GAM3 allows for customization of the UI on a per-player basis.